Fringe Benefits

Released on Halloween, Fringe Benefits is shrouded in the mysterious workings of our sometimes unscrupulous preferences, and the tenuous nature of pursuing those somewhat less than ethical instincts. When the dark side beckons you to join in, what mask will you wear?

Dedicated to: Drifting on the edge
Written by: View19 (Biscotto/Lorden)
Produced by: View19 (Biscotto/Lorden)
Vocals: L Biscotto
Piano/Keyboards: S Lorden
Synth/Instrumentation: L Biscotto
Engineer: Mark Dann
Release Date: October 31st, 2019

Let’s go for a ride

What you waiting for?
Is it me?
Is it something I said?

Drifting in your head
Rounder than a square

You’ll make it there

Come on take a sip
This is where we begin 

Why don’t you explore?

Fringe Benefits 

Fringe Benefits

I’m not seeing red
Perhaps a shade of blue

Fringe benefits
You know you want more
Fringe benefits

Know what you want
I can’t stay

Why don’t you try to catch me, if you can?
I don’t think you can

Let’s go

i’m off the grid

Stakes never been so high
Pour me a glass
I’ll take a sip

I want the edge

Fringe Benefits
You got the edge
Fringe Benefits

I’m not lost
Are you?

Fringe benefits
Open up
Fringe benefits

Unlock the door

You know what I need

Fringe Benefits 
You know what I want
Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits


You broke my heart
Yeah you really broke my heart

You broke my heart
Yeah it’s really torn apart
You broke my heart

Once upon a time
Now all, the flowers
Have fallen down, cut down

To mend it

But you
Even defend it

You broke my heart
Yeah you really broke my heart

As time goes by

You’ll barely be
A footnote, from my past

Maybe in time
We’ll be friends once again
Maybe in time….

But that’s not how the story


You broke my heart….

You were so

On your part

When you hear the door closing on us
You’ll know there’s no room left for you in this heart