We are View19, a songwriting duo that consists of Sean Lorden and Lorenzo Biscotto, both currently hailing from the great state of Connecticut. Sean has been improvising riffs and songs ever since having access to his grandmother’s old Baldwin piano as a kid, and Lorenzo has been filling notebooks and journals with lyrics and poetry for decades. After years of friendship, we willed View19 into existence in 2019, when we released Face to Face in the Dark as our first single. Since then we’ve never really stopped creating new music, with each of us usually contributing to the music and/or lyrics on any given song. The process was, and always will be, a labor of love.

We have a ton of musical and artistic influences that span a wide range of time, and our music doesn’t tend to fall into any one particular category. That said, we’re partial to various forms of rock, pop, and alternative music. If there is one thing we typically strive for, it would be to create songs that are heartfelt and insightful. (Maybe that’s actually two things.) We also hope our songs take the listener on a journey of some sort. (Make that three things.)

Although View19 is a duo, in reality we owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the many people in our spheres of influence. This includes all the artists, engineers, and, frankly, people from all walks of life that provide us with assistance, inspiration and opportunities for collaboration. It also includes all the friends and family members that have offered their encouragement along the way. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it includes everyone who has ever taken an interest in our music and decided to accompany us on our journey. To all of you we offer a sincere Thank You!

The scenic and surreal photo on our homepage is the work of Nico Boersen.