When the spell is finally over, the lingering bitterness really lends itself to some hypnotically cathartic lyrics. A special thanks to Kala Farnham for the haunting vocals.

Dedicated to: You know who you are
Written by: View19 (Biscotto/Lorden)
Produced by: View19 (Biscotto/Lorden)
Vocals: Kala Farnham
Piano/Keyboards: S Lorden
Synth/Instrumentation: L Biscotto
Engineer: Mark Dann
Release Date: November 19th, 2019

You broke my heart
Yeah you really broke my heart

You broke my heart
Yeah it’s really torn apart
You broke my heart

Once upon a time
Now all, the flowers
Have fallen down, cut down

To mend it

But you
Even defend it

You broke my heart
Yeah you really broke my heart

As time goes by

You’ll barely be
A footnote, from my past

Maybe in time
We’ll be friends once again
Maybe in time….

But that’s not how the story


You broke my heart….

You were so

On your part

When you hear the door closing on us
You’ll know there’s no room left for you in this heart